Get more Story views with hidden hasthags

Have you always wanted to get more Story views? Because I have. Instagram Stories play a bigger part in your social media strategy than regular posts. Let’s be honest: how often do you view someone’s Stories versus how often do you view someone’s feed? Thank goodness there is a way to introduce your Stories to more viewers. And that is hidden hashtags!

more Story views with hidden hashtags

Hashtags and locations in Stories

This is old news, but as you all know you can add locations and hashtags to your Stories. No big deal. The past couple of weeks though, I have tried out different versions of these two functions. I have tried adding really, really tiny locations and hashtags, and I have tried putting them in my screen loud and proud. From my “research”, Instagram definitely favors big hashtags and locations. Once you “hide” those things or make them really small, I feel like the Stories don’t come up in the collection of Stories on the location or hashtag. 

More Story views with hidden hashtags

So, in order to get more views, I decided to add big locations and big hashtags. However, sometimes these are butt ugly. Instagram offers three colors for your hashtags and locations: the purple or orange kind, the “invisible mode” (yeah, right), and the rainbow colors. Sometimes, these colors don’t match my Story and they are downright a thorn in the eye. 

That is when I decided to get more Story views by using hidden hashtags. I make a Story (not always a picture or a video), create some kind of area with 1 color (using the drawing tool, or an emoji, for example). I then type out the hashtag I want to use with the regular typing tool and use the color picked to pick out the color on my screen. I now enlarge the hashtag and put it in the area of the same color. This way, you can’t see the hashtag, but it’s there! Problem solved: a nice looking Instagram Story with the extra views from the hashtag! 

Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to do this with locations because you can’t type out locations. You have to use the sticker. 

More research…

The above method is of course not scientifically proven. But hey, any small tip for social media engagement is of help. Let me know what you think & let’s help each other out on Instagram.


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