My favorite podcasts (growing list)

I think I’ve been living under a rock….for the past 5 years! Because I just discovered the power of podcasts. As in, I am listening to podcasts day and night now. On my morning commute. Before I go to bed. While I work out. All the time! And I feel like I’m learning so much and I have my personal business coach right at the tips of my fingers.  

On Instagram Stories, I asked how many of you are listening to podcasts right now. The answer surprised me! So many of you are already listening (by 86%). And I just thought, why not share my favorite podcasts with you. Feel free to add your own in the comments or dm me on Instagram. I am definitely looking for more podcasts to listen to!

My favorite podcasts

Tip from me: always have a notebook at hand when listening podcasts! The information comes to you at the speed of light. Most of the tips given in the podcasts I listen to are sooo useful, I don’t want to miss out on them. It’s also quite strange how my to-do list has grown since listening to these podcasts… It just shows that you’re never done learning and that you can always do more than you think you should. 

Question for you: if you have any podcasts regarding business coaching or life coaching let me know! I would love to add them to the list of my favorite podcasts. 

My favorite podcasts

  1. The Goaldigger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher
  2. The Creative Introvert by Cat Rose
  3. Rich bitch by Angie Lee
  4. Ace the Gram with Viv and Tash
  5. Socialette by Steph Taylor
  6. Copyblogger FM by Sonia Simone
  7. The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon
  8. Bucci Radio by Amanda Bucci
  9. You Turn Podcast by Ashley Stahl
  10. The Guava Girl Podcast by Isabella Silverio
  11. Mind Love – Modern Mindfulness by Melissa Monte

Get more Story views with hidden hasthags

Have you always wanted to get more Story views? Because I have. Instagram Stories play a bigger part in your social media strategy than regular posts. Let’s be honest: how often do you view someone’s Stories versus how often do you view someone’s feed? Thank goodness there is a way to introduce your Stories to more viewers. And that is hidden hashtags!

more Story views with hidden hashtags

Hashtags and locations in Stories

This is old news, but as you all know you can add locations and hashtags to your Stories. No big deal. The past couple of weeks though, I have tried out different versions of these two functions. I have tried adding really, really tiny locations and hashtags, and I have tried putting them in my screen loud and proud. From my “research”, Instagram definitely favors big hashtags and locations. Once you “hide” those things or make them really small, I feel like the Stories don’t come up in the collection of Stories on the location or hashtag. 

More Story views with hidden hashtags

So, in order to get more views, I decided to add big locations and big hashtags. However, sometimes these are butt ugly. Instagram offers three colors for your hashtags and locations: the purple or orange kind, the “invisible mode” (yeah, right), and the rainbow colors. Sometimes, these colors don’t match my Story and they are downright a thorn in the eye. 

That is when I decided to get more Story views by using hidden hashtags. I make a Story (not always a picture or a video), create some kind of area with 1 color (using the drawing tool, or an emoji, for example). I then type out the hashtag I want to use with the regular typing tool and use the color picked to pick out the color on my screen. I now enlarge the hashtag and put it in the area of the same color. This way, you can’t see the hashtag, but it’s there! Problem solved: a nice looking Instagram Story with the extra views from the hashtag! 

Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to do this with locations because you can’t type out locations. You have to use the sticker. 

More research…

The above method is of course not scientifically proven. But hey, any small tip for social media engagement is of help. Let me know what you think & let’s help each other out on Instagram.


5 Ways to start a business next to a job

You want your own business. Blog. Instagram page. Whatever. But you don’t know where to start. Listen, I feel you. I have been developing personal projects for the past 3 years. Some successful, some…not so much. It’s all a matter of falling down 3 times, and getting back up 4. And I’ve all done this next to a (full-time) job. It is possible, and let me give you 5 ways to start a business next to a job. You can read the text, or watch the IGTV video below!

start a business next to a job

1. Work part time

This is the most obvious tip I can give you. Try to find a job that allows you to work 4 days a week, or if possible less. Use the free day to work on your own business or project. If you don’t have the possibility to work part time, you can find a job that has shifts. I work full time in different shifts. Some days I start early, so I can work in the afternoon after work. And other days I start late, so I have time to do things in the morning. It really isn’t weird to have a regular job next to your projects. On the contrary, a job can give you the financial stability you need and teaches you things about business you wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

2. Automate your business

These days, it’s possible to schedule things ahead of time. For example, you can use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to plan social media posts on different channels. You can write up your posts, add pictures and hashtags and let them post automatically during the week. Tools like Boardbooster and Tailwind can automate Pinterest posting. Preview App is perfect for planning Instagram posts. Use Mailchimp or Mailerlite to create automatic newsletters that go out at the most efficient times. You get the point. There are so many ways you can automate your business. You don’t have to be online 24/7 to run it.

3. Plan your time efficiently

If you start a business next to a job, you don’t have time to waste! You need to schedule your days accordingly. Remember when I said I work full time, but use the mornings and late afternoons to work on my own projects? Yes, I take that very seriously. It means getting up at 6 am sometimes. It means working until 11 pm at night. When things need to get done, they need to get done.

ALWAYS make practical to do lists. For example, don’t write down “marketing”. Instead, write down “write 2 paragraphs for digital newsletter”. You need to break down your to do lists into smaller tasks so that you can check them off quicker. Taking it step by step is key.

Planning time efficiently also means scheduling down time. I have Friday evenings and Sundays off. I can go to the gym, clean my house or hang out with friends during that time. Other times, I work. It’s as simple as that. If you do plan to go out and have a drink. Be sure to schedule the morning after off as well. You need a realistic schedule! Just be sure to make up for it on another day.

4. Collaborate or delegate

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Keep this in mind whenever you work on your business. Collaborate on projects that are “too big” for you, and delegate tasks that  keep you down. You don’t have to pay someone to do these tasks. You must have a family member, a friend, an intern or partner who is willing to help you. Find people that support you and your cause. They will be happy to help you reach your goals. Use your network to find the right person. Sometimes you can help each other out (think barter deal).

5. Just f*cking do it!

Yes, I said it. Just do it. There is no easy way. There is no shortcut. Just take your process day by day. You will be tired. And sometimes you will ask yourself why you even bother to work so hard. But at the end of the day, let me just tell you, it’s worth it. I feel like you only have 1 life to live and you better make it great. I don’t want to settle with a job that I like but doesn’t challenge me in every way. I’d rather be dead beat on my couch at the end of my day, knowing that I created something by myself, than come home and stare at Netflix for 4 hours straight. And I know you feel the same. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. YOU. CAN. DO. IT. and you will.

Are you also on the path to start a business next to a job?

Let me know! I would love to meet you. Maybe we can even help each other out. Or chat when things aren’t going so well. Or give each other peptalks.

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